About WW Safety Services

Hello, WW Safety Services is a company that blends many years of practical work at the sharp end of industry with progressive, productive safety systems.

The organisations I am involved with draw in a myriad of professionals in pursuing success in any given endeavour. They have to juggle many priorities at once and their ability to do so keeps people safe and employed.

The practical application of modern safety codes can be a complex undertaking especially in situations were deadlines are set in stone, steel or concrete.

Simply put WW Safety Services work with you, I focus on the environmental and people protection requirements of your business. I pride myself on a down to earth style, up to the minute knowledge of legislation and an ability to identify the most cost efficient safety solutions available onsite and ahead of time.

Kind Regards

Christine ( Chris) Hodge

10 years’ experience Blue Chip companies on and offshore, I am fully conversant with all UK legislation and guidance. Currently  I am HSE adviser for an industrial construction project in the Home Counties.

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Current project ZRE in Kent. Click here