A Nice Animation of Deep Water Drilling

Hello, I was working on something the other week and I came across the below. It is a nice animation of the rough principles of offshore deep water drilling.

I’m sure the veterans could find some technical points that were missed, but for those just wondering how it is done this film fits the bill. I’m often amazed by the progress in technology that rolls out worldwide in this business, however, the fact is oil and gas is down there and needs to be up here. This is how it is done.


My speciality is the safety aspect. First there are the people and environmental concerns, closely behind that is the need for efficient and profitable working. Without profit there is no people, without people there is… well you get my drift.

I am proud to be dedicated to this field. All that is said with a purpose, if you have any questions you think I can help with, let me know.


Chris (Christine) Hodge

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