Could the Viking SES-2A Have Been in a 007 Movie?

Could the Viking SES-2A have been in a 007 movie? Right you have the 1971 classic Diamonds are Forever starring Scotland’s favourite ex pat Sean Connery. Remember the scene below, Blofeld’s oil platform. It was THE cleanest, THE  quietest rig in the world. Picture a big fight, machine guns and lots of gratuitous explosions. Great stuff.

When Bond arrives, there is no wrist tight survival suit, he has a tux. There is no chopper, he has a silver balloon thing that he walks across a flat calm sea. The other day I was looking at job related things and I remembered these. The SES-2A  evacuation system by Viking.

central net evacuation chute to a floating platform.
The SES-2A by Viking

These systems can be installed up to a height of 81 metres and I think they are every bit worthy of Bond. You know I’m surprised they didn’t have something in the movie like this… it would have been pretend, but the franchise did a good job of predicting technology over the years.

For Those That Have Not Seen Them

The apparatus descends in an emergency leaving a mesh chute to extend to an inflatable platform. Then they demonstrate a person dropping down the chute. The interior is made up of fabric steps so you drop onto one and gravity and scrambling takes you to the next. It is a bit like a soft spiral staircase, you bounce down on your backside.

I recommend turning the sound off if you watch this all the way through. Fantastic systems, lousy music.

Obviously if the emergency is fire then ( as with the Piper Alpha tragedy) the system might be compromised, then again all evacuation plans could in theory be obstructed.  In a potentially lethal situation these SES-2As would come into their own by providing a viable back up to normal routes of escape.

The platform that inflates is large and capable of providing access to four high capacity rafts. Getting back to the movie. Blofeld is lowered in an escape pod. 007 hijacks a crane and starts smashing the villain into buildings as he dangles on the end of a chain. He would definitely preferred the SES-2A system.


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