Does Economic Downturn Threaten Offshore Safety?

This is just a quick thought and sign post for the below article. The suggestion is that offshore safety is in danger of being compromised when the drive to make a profit in hard times becomes the main priority.

After each safety lapse another report will come out and most, such as the Cullen and Key Performance reports, can be said to have great value. The reality is of course that there are no jobs without a healthy income, however, the financial consequence of compromising safety can be catastrophic. That is without mentioning the moral and legal after effect of reckless working practice.

Frank Doran wrote in HSE International of the link between pressure in economic downturns and safety lapses. The article, written in March 2015, might be best judged now with the benefit of 18 months hindsight.

Frank makes many good points. I also think he illustrates well that when the clock is ticking toward a deadline and when the squeeze is on financially, that is the time to take more care. I thought I would give it another mention. See what you think.

Opinion: Remembering Health and Safety Offshore


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