Invest Your Millions in the Solar Revolution

That’s right forget the cold and the rain. Put behind you the freezing waters of your favourite work place. Invest your millions in the solar revolution.

So obsessed am I with this industry that I can’t help go all over the web looking at tech advances. On the site I saw a presentation about a new crystal that is going to dump all previous solar panels back into the shadows of history.

No seriously. Some heavy weight scientific names claim that silicon, the staple of solar panel manufacture, is past it’s sell by date.

a bank of blue solar panels
A bank of solar panels. Is silicon about to become a thing of the past?  Photo by AleSpa (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
According to James Stafford of OilPrice the use of silicon to get the maximum advantage from the sunlight the panels absorb has reached a critical point. For sometime those in the field have been looking around for an alternative and now they have one.

He claims the new crystal can absorb 50% more energy than silicon. It is light, cheap to produce and versatile. I focused on the weight reduction promised in the future. Currently solar panels are heavy. that is heavy to transport, heavy and cumbersome to install. They need a complex process in order to exist in the first place. Worse, yeah I do believe this is a major point, they look awful. They are not so bad if you set them apart from a building in a bank of them, but they make a house into a science experiment.

During this presentation Mr Stafford is pointing out an opportunity to invest in panels that could even be transparent or coloured to blend into their surroundings.

Go for the financial side if you want and do so at your own risk. My point in writing about it is this: Even if the ‘revolution’ in solar power does not come to pass this idea is a salutary reminder to our industry to keep on trucking on.

Human beings appear to me to have an inherent need for stability. Sure we may well be great innovators in one area, but overall we look at the next 10 maybe 15 years on a personal level. In the Northern Hemisphere solar panels are not such an attractive proposition. Even if this new crystal behaves in the way it is claimed, well take a look out the window.

What about the Southern Hemisphere? What if something came along to make solar power more viable. What if that something was so viable that cars were charged for minimal cost? What about so viable light industry was powered by it?

Have a look yourself on the link below. The presentation is 49 minutes long so I suspect only the die-hard techies will see it through, it was more the concept that intrigued me. Perhaps we shouldn’t just look down here for the competition, we should also look up every now and again.




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