Normal Operations in Turkey Despite Coup Attempt

The last thing we need in the industry is more complications at the moment. Several sources are reporting that shipping etc in and out of Turkey is normal despite the coup attempt.


Turkey (orthographic projection)
Map showing Turkey, thanks to Wikipedia The Emirr.
A lot of the world was shocked, but some not even surprised when dissident members of the Turkish military  attempted to seize power on Friday. Within 24 hours the government were stating that all was being brought back to order. I was sceptical mainly because every time there is a coup the next bit of news is that all will be well. How many times have we seen it turn out to be the exact opposite?

With neighbour Syria in a mess, a chaotic and war split Turkey would have been awful for its people and terrible news for commerce in the Middle East and Europe.

Here Bloomberg confirm that as of yesterday, Sunday 17th July 2016, all appears calm. Click here


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