North Sea Decommissioning Opportunities Linked to Retiring Specialists

It is with a touch of regret that a North Sea decommissioning boom is seen as a positive thing. I know the cycle of life in mortals and engineering follows the same path but still I would rather report about upgrading and investment. Every cloud has a silver lining I guess and so may retirement and redundant platforms.

satellite view of the north sea with Europe and the UK shown.
NSA photograph of the North Sea where lies a potential clear up boom.

For sometime those of us with a North Sea background have been  casually watching for opportunities in decommissioning. Being a specialist area, however, the jobs go to those with direct experience. Sure, transferable skills can be adapted to a reversal roll, but still openings are rare.

The North Sea is Literally Littered with Work

According to Boston Consulting Group Director Philip Whittaker, the door to more opportunities in this field may be on the horizon. Rigzone has the full article and I will not steal their thunder so the link is below. In short, decommissioning crews have enough skilled people to cope with the work load. What the article suggests is that at some stage the 500 plus installations out there will need to be tackled and many of the top operators are approaching retirement age.

In addition to the fixed installations there are about the same number of sub sea ones with an estimated 10,000 wells to be sealed. I would hate to foot that bill and in some regards the sooner these issues are tackled the cheaper it will be. As always these days only time will tell.

Rigzone article Click Here 

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