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These days I think quicker, even to the point of moving my hands than this computer. My day starts at 04.45 hrs and will end when it ends. I can’t be bothered with endless logins. I am not saying that I am hard done by. I enjoy what I do but when it comes to specialist, niche news I often want to scan a well laid out, up to date website without hassle. World Oil takes some beating.

screen shot of the online news source.
World Oil. Screen capture of this great source of news in the industry.

As you know, if you have read my landing page, I currently work in construction in Kent. I love it and I like the people. The project is a fine one, but along with this industry I have an active interest in all Health and Safety areas. I don’t mind paying for my news it is just that time is often an issue and many sites change their styles and requirements for reading. I don’t want to be bothered cancelling out a half dozen subscriptions every year as trends fade and new kids come onto the block.

World Oil lets you browse through global news on projects, trends and the various peripheral governmental strife that influences how much bread you can put on the table. When I was looking at decommissioning  ( see article on opportunities click here)  I got a nice concise article about the Brent operations. From there I could browse on but instead went to look at how Australia was doing, then what was going on in the controversial shale gas developments of New York state. Hey each to his or her own hobby eh?

The point is World Oil ticks the boxes for being quick, knowledgeable and a nice bonus is it is free. Click here to have a look yourself if you have not tried the website. Time is money as they say and World Oil saves time and cost nothing.

Take care of yourselves out there.


Chris Hodge

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