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Solar Power Floating in the Sun

I wrote another article on why I agree that electric transport still has a hill to climb. However,I should not be confused with someone so dipped in support for the oil industry that I can’t appreciate renewable energy. One of the problems for solar power (apart from the obvious gloomy British one) is space. The Chinese seem to have found a solution.

Sungrow Power Supply have constructed a solar panel park on a flooded ex coal mine.

China needs renewable energy more than many nations. I guess I could phrase that better, but seriously their smog issues make ours look like nothing. In addition, they have a ravenous population that is developing its need for industrial and domestic power.

mass panels for solar power serviced by tug sized boats.
40MW Floating PV Power Plant (PRNewsfoto/SUNGROW Power Supply Co., Ltd)

The project produces about 40 mega watts  which could power about 15,000 homes. Larger land based projects exist but thinking of the converted use of this space does make the imagination run for the future. How many countries have such places? Often the waters are not the best for other purposes, this seems ideal.

Here is a link to the firms website. Encouraging, that is all I will say for now.

Project company: Click here

One of the source articles: Click here


Chris Hodge