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Pettit Group Wednesday’s Women in Construction

A quick thank you to the Pettit Group for featuring me as Wednesday’s Woman of the Week. In particular I appreciate this sort of  nod as it encourages the right people to go into the industry no matter their gender.

Some would say that my background in the NHS and an outspoken nature have helped me many times. The thing is I was not always like I am today. You build confidence as you go through life by accepting challenges like those that construction presents.

I have had a lot of help from all sides and acknowledge the great people I have met without reservation.  To any woman looking at a move into a previously male dominated occupation I’d say this:

If you think you can do it…Go for it.

Everyone, man or woman, feels the fear especially when young. The thing is you never know what you might have missed out on if you let that fear put you off.

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