The Remarkable Shell Prelude FLNG

The sheer scale of the Shell Prelude FLNG is remarkable. So is its purpose for existing. At 488m long and 74m wide it is colossal. The Empire State building would look stumpy next to it and the One World Trade Centre in New York is a mere fifty or so meters higher than the vessel is long. Such comparisons are fine but this is a ship so let’s talk other ships. Here is a very rough visual demonstration.

colour picture of the full scale of Prelude, red hull with processing apparatus across the whole deck
Shell Prelude at 488 metres. C/O The Shell website


photograph of Titanic
RMS Titanic at 269m
colour shot of the QE2
QE2 at 294m

A One Stop Refining Shop

The Prelude field is located off the north west coast of Australia and that is where this massive processing ship will operate. It will be the world’s first floating liquefied natural gas processing platform.

The below explains all about it in glorious Technicolour. My reasons for mentioning it is because it is a marvel. Given the fierce competition in the industry today and the multinational sources of supply who knows if there will be another one on this scale?


I have left the best chunk of hugeness about this project until last.

The Prelude is a mostly South Korean masterpiece. Dock yards with 5000 workers who start the day with team building exercises. I was born just after the era of the ship yards in my home county. Granted, there the workers started each day with a cigarette and a bacon sandwich but they got the job done. I digress, all those workers building for Technip Samsung, using 250,000 tons of steel, how much will it cost?

Estimates run to  12.5 billion USD. That is just a little under the amount the entire Olympic Games cost in London. Impressive, now all they have to do is get it out there and working.




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